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now-logo-finalWelcome to NOW Environmental Services Inc., Washington State’s finest environmental inspection and testing firm. We take pride in serving the communities of King and Pierce counties.

We are experts in the testing of commercial and residential property for what could be environmental hazards. Out scope of testing is mainly focused on mold, lead and asbestos. These substances can end up being toxic and affect the air quality in your home or business.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The dangers of poor indoor air quality are related directly to the issues that mold, lead and asbestos can create. The effects may be dormant for years until the consequences of poor indoor air quality come to the surface. The unfortunate fact is those that are affected may never know that there was an issue.

NOW Environmental is There

That is where NOW Environmental Services comes in. We have been in the testing and training  business since 1991, it is critical that, if you think you may have an issue with mold or indoor air quality in general, you have the air tested. The convenience of our testing is what sets us apart from all of the rest. We have proprietary equipment that is used to create a non-invasive snapshot of the indoor air quality in your home or business. We offer an amazing mold testing package that does not even require a service call from us. Our mold testing simply requires a sample and a stamp.


We are proud to be a training facility specializing in asbestos worker courses, AHERA Building Inspector training, HAZMAT and special, custom created courses to fit the needs of our clients. For information about our training program please follow the button below.

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As you can see NOW Environmental Services is a full service environmental testing facility. We are locally owned and a proud Women Business Enterprise firm; no job is too big or too small. Please give us a call and we can discuss making the air you breathe much safer.[uxi_address name=”true” map=”false” phone=”true” fax=”false” email=”false” payment=”false” hours=”false” hours_inline=”false” two_columns=”false”]