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now-logo-finalTraining is important for any position that is worth doing correctly. I mean, even the guy who picks up the carts at the supermarket needs some degree of training. When the job gets dangerous it is imperative that all of the information is close at hand and current, that is where NOW Environmental Services comes in. We are what you might call an academy of asbestos education. Education is the cornerstone of any successful venture, and when you are dealing with substances like asbestos, it is critical to public health that a training regimen be followed.

NOW Environmental Services is committed to providing the finest training in Washington dealing with asbestos. We offer a variety of classes such as:

  • dreamstime_3046794Asbestos Worker Training (32-Hour)
  • Asbestos Worker Training Refresher (8-Hour)
  • AHERA Building Inspector (24-Hour)
  • AHERA Building Inspector Refresher (4-Hour)
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Class II, III, IV Asbestos Worker Training

As you can see, we provide a wide variety of training options. We also offer an educational video section which you can access by clicking here. As mentioned before, we believe in providing easy access to pertinent information concerning asbestos removal and any other training related material.

Abatement-Workers-300x208Our purpose is to provide you and your business with the most relevant and comprehensive training in asbestos handling, awareness, and safety. Our courses are continually changing and it is important to check back often. For example, we are now offering courses in lead and mold awareness, with more subjects being added all of the time.

Take your training to the next level with the NOW Environmental off campus program, where we come to your workplace! All of the same exceptional training with the convenience of the classes being presented at your site. Please contact us today for a current list of classes, class times, and open spots.  

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