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It is the bane of every bachelor, because it seems to grow on leftovers, strangely however, not pizza. It is what makes that well intentioned fruit you bought two months ago, end up in the trash. Thats right it is everyone’s favorite antibiotic, mold!

Well maybe not, because all of the molds that I described above are fairly benign. Yes they can get you sick but not in the same capacity as the dreaded black mold. At NOW Environmental we are committed to identifying the presence of mold in your home or business. We are experts in the field of mold testing and are able to detect mold in areas that are commonly overlooked.

Not Just On Your Oranges

Let’s look at mold in a little bit different context than your old bread or oranges that seemingly grew hair since the last time you have seen them. Now make no mistake, mold is floating around in the air almost constantly. They do have one disadvantage when it comes to growth, all molds need water to grow, just like any other plant. That is why we inspect the areas of your home that are susceptible to mold growth. Places like attics, crawl spaces, around air conditioners and basements. Basically anywhere there could be an uncontrolled moisture source.


Mold in the home can create a situation for the occupants that is quite unpleasant. Typically mold exposure shows up as allergy-like symptoms, but can be much,much worse. Particularly if there is toxic black mold present and studies have shown that prolonged exposure can create numerous health issues.

At Home Testing

NOW Environmental offers comprehensive testing for mold and the areas that may hold mold. What if you would just like to be sure about some strange spots on your wall? We offer a home mold test kit that is quick and easy to use, all with accurate results. No need for a service call just send the sample into us and we will have definitive results in 24 hours of receipt!

If your home or business is in need of mold testing, please give us a call today!