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Refund Policy

Online Registration Cancellation Policy


If you need to Reschedule… no problem!
Simply call us 24 hours in advance of your class and we can reschedule you, your prepaid fees will carry over for one month only.
* If you do not attend your class within that one month timeframe you shall forfeit all fees paid.

No Show

If you NO-CALL/NO-SHOW for your scheduled class there will be a $100 fee charged, it will be taken from the fees you paid for the class. The remainder of your class fee will be refunded via direct deposit during our next billing cycle. You will then need to reĀ­register online for your class again.

If we booked a class specifically for your group and you no show or need to cancel the class will be refunded at 50% of the total cost.

Scheduling Mistake

If you signed up for the wrong class accidentally we can only make that correction in the first 72 hours (So be sure you double check before you click the “PAY NOW” button)


***For any changes to a class you have signed up for call (253) 927-5233 and submit your request to the training department only.

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NOW Environmental has been providing the answers to environmental questions that individuals, industry, and government agencies have relied on for over 25 years. NOW Environmental offers fast and price effective service. We offer free, initial phone consultations with a certified professional. Certified provider of EPA, WISHA, and OSHA training.